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Cetaria Diving Center
Via Ciro Menotti 4
91014 Scopello
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) ITALY

The reserve and the sea that laps its coast, thanks to their geographical position and to the deepth of the sea, can throw up encounters wich might elsewhere be considered extraordinary.

It is not unusual, mainly during the spring or in the autumn to run into playful communities of "stenelle" (a particular type of dolphins), meeting oceanic cetaceax or even whales. But it is the seabed that gives the divers with the greatest thrills: brightly coloured sponges, sea anemones and madrepores covering the sides of underwater caves and tunnels.

Colonies of astroides illuminate shadowy rockfaces and crevices Gorgonias reach out with their leafy arms, and spyrographes show off their multicoloured downy foliage.

The sheer rock faces, the submerged stacks, constitute the natural environment of white grouper, dentex, white bream, and the rocky peaks and sheers are the set destinations of tunny, and big pelagics fish.

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