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Cetaria Diving Center
Via Ciro Menotti 4
91014 Scopello
Castellammare del Golfo (TP) ITALY

In the magic scenery at the site of the old "Tonnara" (Tuna fishery) and its guard towers, we dive by the "Faraglioni of Scopello" (Pinnacles).

The dive begins on a 4m plateau that gives way to a gully that drops down between the two Pinnacles. A small cave, which has walls covered by Astroides, madrepores, cobbles, sponges and false coral, is really the opening of a tunnel, made of clean rocks which shelters starfishes, sea-urchins, spirobis worms and anemones.

At a depth of 12 m a wall starts at the external side of the Faraglione and heads on to maximum depth of 18 m. There are many yellow gorgonia, sponges, false coral and anemones.

A small cave belongs to a big scorpion fish and many shrimps. The gorges and the cavities of the wall are inhabited by congers, morays, octopuses, sea-urchins and starfish.

To the left of the cave the bottom slopes down smoothly and it is made of wide spots of Posidonia seagrass and sandy spots. Numerous objects of archaeological interest have been found in this area.

Depth : min 4; max 18
Degree of difficulty: easy
Currents: none
Level of visibility: good

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