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The wreck of the Capua, an armed ship sunk during World War II, lies at a depth of about 39 m a few hundred metres off the shore.
Largely intact and standing upright on its keel, it’s form becomes visible a few metres from the surface.
Descent to the wreck is via the shot lie to the prow. Anthias shoal above the main deck, which has collapsed in many places to reveal the dark hold and piles of ammunitions boxes. Some are half open and have become lairs for moray eels.
Lobsters waving their antennae and elegant Corvine fish are also visible in the dark reaches of the hold.
Under the keel, 39 m deep, scorpion fishes, red mullets, a big conger and other fishes find refuge. The bulkheads are covered with sponges,
Astroides, sea daisies and yellow sea fans.

Depth : min 28; max 39
Degree of difficulty: medium
Currents: medium
Level of visibility: good


In the Summer 1943, an Italian merchant ship called Capua was headed to Tripoli, with a cargo of weapons addressed to the Italian troops in Africa.

The ship sank in front of Scopello, due to an explosion caused by an accidental fire (so the official report states).
The captain and his crew were rescued and helped by the inhabitants of Scopello and some of the old men of the area can still recall the event.

According to some witnesses it looked like the fire was started on purpose by its crew after they saw an English submarine off  "Punta Impisu".
Before setting the ship on fire, the captain gave the order to carry the weapons at shore. It took about ten hours for the ship to sink.
Apparently the captain went back on board the ship to rescue a small dog named Capua which was given to the most beautiful girl in Scopello to thank the whole village for their help.

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